Read the Bible in 9 Months

Presbyterians are often referred to as people of the book. The book, of course, is the Bible. The Bible is central to us as the scriptures reveal God’s love for us and all creation from the very beginning.  Presbyterians are shaped by the Bible in all we say and do – in worship, in mission, in how we govern ourselves, and how we understand the life of faith.  The Bible is a rich treasure and gift to us from God.

The Reading the Bible in 9 Months (RB9M) program – which has involved over 250 members and friends – is a daily reading program that weaves together both testaments in an enlightening and enriching experience of our history as God’s people. Daily readings from September 10, 2023 – May 18, 2024 are arranged in such a way that the connections between the books of the Bible and the overarching themes and story cycles of scripture come together to reveal the unity of the Bible. 


If you have any questions about the Reading the Bible in 9 Months program or Bible study opportunities at First Presbyterian, please contact the Rev. Dr. Michael Waschevski.