Resources for Families with Young Children


Resources for Families with Young Children

How to Talk to Your Children About the Virus 

Faith Development at Home: Ways to Worship at Home

  • MUSIC: Dancing, playing, singing: find a worship song to share, YouTube music video or instrumental song. Does your family have a favorite hymn/chorus? Maybe sing at a regular time during your daily routines. Music can also be incorporated as prayer. For example, you could sing “God’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” and pray for specific people/groups of people (i.e., “God’s got the doctors and the nurses in his hands”; “God’s got grandma and grandpa…”; God’s got the people who are sick”)

  • PRAYER: Write, color, and share concerns, celebrations, thanks, and current events. Others may need to hold hands for kinesthetic comfort. Figure out what works for your family to talk to God.

  • STORY: Read Bible stories together.

  • Light a candle (or an electric candle) to be reminded of the presence of God.

Lent and Holy Week Activities

More Creative Ideas for Time with Kids at Home