Church School


Church School

Sundays from 10-10:45 a.m.

Children are welcome to attend church school classes taught by two or more church members* committed to helping each child develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Preschool Church School

Preschool-aged children enjoy church school in a centers-based classroom with interactive lessons using the Frolic Preschool Curriculum. Children hear the Bible story each week and then have the opportunity to act out the story, create an art response to the story, or retell the story.

Preschool Class Locations:
Age 2 by Sept. 1: Room 206
Age 3 by Sept. 1: Room 207
Age 4 by Sept. 1: Room 208

Elementary Church School

At First Presbyterian Church, Elementary children participate in "Trinity Trail," based on a model of church school called the Rotation Model. This model is based on the theory that adults and children alike have difference preferences in the way they learn. Children learn Bible stories by visiting a different workshop each week. In one workshop, they might act out the story, while in another workshop they might work on a computer using biblical software. The rotations change every 4 weeks.

Shepherds greet children each week and guide one class for the entire school year.


If you have questions about Church School for children, please contact Michael Waschevski, Associate Pastor.

*In accordance with our Child Protection Policy, every volunteer working with children has completed a background check process.