Make a Pledge


Make a Pledge

"They shall be like a tree planted by water, sending out its roots...and it does not cease to bear fruit."  
Jeremiah 17.8 

This year our Stewardship Campaign theme is 

FPC's mission statement is to inspire disciples and engage the world. When you contribute resources, you not only help fund the ministries and mission of First Presbyterian Church, you reach and hand out to your fellow members and brothers and sisters of Christ. The act of giving - particularly when done with thought, and prayer, and joy, and sacrifice - does much more. How will your gifts inspire disciples and engage the world?

Do you have questions about making a pledge? Feel free to call Dana Fickling, Church Administrator, or Wes Hogue, Accountant in the church office at 817.335.1231.

Make your 2020 pledge now  

To do so, simply fill out the form below. You may also visit the church office to obtain a paper pledge card to fill out. Thank you!

2020 Stewardship Pledge



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