Adult Church School


Adult Church School

Alpha and Omega (60's -70's) Bible Study                                       Led by John Thompson in Room 241

Bible in Depth Bible Study: Exodus                                                    Led by Rev. Dr. Betsy Pense in Room 237

Boomers (50's-60's)  Christian Living                                            Marcus Newman, coord.   in Room 102

First Connections  (Sept 9 - Oct 14) First Presbyterian Ministries
Led by the Evangelism Committee in the Parlor

Geneva (70's)  Bible Study: Luke                                                    Led by Dr. Steve Brotherton in Room 304

Growing Families of Faith  Christian Living                             Led by the Rev. Robyn Michalove and the Rev. Karl Travis in Room 236

Journeys  (Sept. 16 - Oct. 21)   Book Study                             Led by Rev. Mike Thompson in Room 242

Just Matters Cov. Group (thru October 28)  Criminal Justice Issues   Led by Jeanene McIntyre and Linda Northern                         Registration Required

Maj-Jo (seniors)  Bible Study                                                    Led by Rev. Dr. Corinna Nation in Room 310

Maranatha         Bible Study                                                        Led by Lisa Waldron in Room 239

SYS (40's - 50's)  Faith Conversations                                       Bill Goodwin, coord. in Room 305

Westminster (seniors)   Bible Study                                               Led by Rev. Mona Bailey in Room 238

YOMAC (seniors)   Present Word Bible Study                                   Led by Martha Brooks and Sue Barham at Trinity Terrace

Young Adults   Bible Study                                                            Led by Eric Varnon in Room 240

Young Families   Faith Conversations  Michael Martin, coord.                                            Led by Rev. Karl Travis in Room 230