"The people rejoiced, for they had given whole-heartedly to the Lord." 1 Chronicles 29.9

FPC's mission statement is to inspire disciples and engage the world. When you contribute resources, you not only help fund the ministries and mission of First Presbyterian Church, you reach and hand out to your fellow members and brothers and sisters of Christ. The act of giving - particularly when done with thought, and prayer, and joy, and sacrifice - does much more. How will your gifts inspire disciples and engage the world?

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Your 2018 Pledge

Each year, we ask one another to plan our generosity for the coming year to sustain this healthy, vigorous, and joyful community of believers. Our official stewardship emphasis for the year has begun! You will hear a lot about the spiritual importance and blessing of pledging in the coming weeks, how your gifts benefit the ministries and mission of FPC, and how we're asking you to join us in dreaming bigger for the future.  

Sunday, October 29 is Commitment Sunday, the day you will be given the chance to make a promise to give to FPC ministries and mission in the coming year in response to God's promises and generosity in our lives. Pledge cards will be mailed in the coming weeks. You may also make your pledge online using the form below. When you submit this form, you will be taken to a page that lets you download a card to print at home and bring with you on October 29. See you there as we celebrate all God is doing and will do through our generosity.

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