Planned Giving Through FPC


Planned Giving Through FPC

A Message from the Pastor

For disciples contemplating long term gifts, Jesus poses the ultimate question: "These things you have prepared, whose shall they be?" He asks the question in the so-called "parable of the rich fool." (Luke 12:16-21) I think the parable is poorly named, and I think Jesus would, too. Jesus' question is poignant for those who are neither rich nor foolish. His question is for us all.

Most Christians are joyous and excited to support the mission and ministry of the church. Many Christians are elated, then, to discover that their generosity can grow until their last breath, and even beyond.

In these web pages you will discover a broad description of ways to share from your accumulated resources. You will find here information and resources to guide you in your generosity, and also trustworthy people with whom you may talk and dream. As you search, may Jesus' question inspire and challenge you: "these things you have prepared, whose shall they be?"

The Rev. Karl Travis, Pastor

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