Children's Music


Children's Music

Children of all ages enjoy a variety of opportunities to develop their God-given abilities in music and the arts. Together, we learn skills that allow us to participate in worship leadership at First Presbyterian Church in new and exciting ways. We begin with music for ages 2 and 3 during the Church School classes on Sunday mornings. Children, ages 4 through 1st grade, participate in the Younger Children’s Choir, which meets immediately after the Children’s Time during 11 a.m. worship. For grades 2 through 5, we offer 3 afternoon classes on Sundays. The Children’s bells and choir will meet throughout the year and the worship arts class will change every 4-6 weeks. Classes planned include: drumming, painting, drawing, stained glass, drama, instruments, banner making, and dance.  To register for WHAM click here. WHAM schedule and current classes are listed below:

Pre-K Music Time,  ages 2 and 3. 

Sundays,  during the Church School classes.  The children sing, move & dance to music, play simple instruments, and learn basic musical patterns and the beginnings of solfege during their class times.  Rebecca Sawyer, teacher.

Younger Children’s Choir – Ages 4 – 1st Grade  

Sundays, 11:20 a.m. – 12 p.m. (will leave worship with volunteers following the Children’s Moment). Activities included:  singing, playing drums, orff and other percussion instruments, folk dancing, activities and games to lay a foundation for music reading. This group will participate in worship twice each semester. Rebecca Sawyer, director.

Children’s Bell Choir, Grades 2-5

Sundays, 3:50-4:30 p.m. This group will learn foundational skills for chimes and bells and will participate in Worship 2-3 times per semester.  Rebecca Sawyer, director.

Children’s Choir,  Grades 2-5

Sundays, 4:30-5:15 p.m. This group will learn beautiful singing skills and how to blend as a group.  They will have the opportunity to participate in Worship 3 times per semester.  Laura Collins, director.

Worship Arts Class,  Grades 2-5  

Sundays, 5:15-6 p.m. This time will include classes that change every 4-6 weeks. Rebecca Sawyer, coordinator. Options will be chosen to give children a wide range of opportunities to participate in worship in new ways.

March 1 - 29 Drawing 101, Teacher: Austin Stubblefield 
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April 5 – May 3 Woodworking, Teacher: Pete Van’t Slot

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