Taize Worship


Taize Worship

Every Third Sunday of the Month
6:30 p.m. in the Chapel

History of the Taizé Community in France

The Taizé Community in France has become a place of pilgrimage for young people from around the world. In July 1940 Roger Louis Schutz-Marsauche (1915-2005), son of a Swiss Reformed pastor, arrived in the tiny hamlet of Taizé in southeastern France. In response to the conditions of occupied France during World War II, he cast his lot with the poor and disadvantaged. His dream was to live in community with others who would practice the essential dimensions of the Gospel in a manner that would offer a response of Christian reconciliation and hope in the face of the horrors of the war. Brother Roger, as he became known, found a place for such a community in the village of Taizé, just north of Cluny, a site of one of the great medieval monastic traditions of the church 1000 years earlier.

Today the work of this ecumenical Community continues with approximately 100 brothers who come from all over the globe and represent a wide spectrum of denominational beliefs. The Community includes Reformed, Anglican, and Catholic Christians. The overarching theme of Taizé is reconciliation through prayer. The brothers provide hospitality for thousands of pilgrims from around the globe each year and have served in some of the poorest and most helpless situations in the world, such as Calcutta, Haiti, and New York City.

The music of the Taizé Community are short songs, mostly scripture texts, that are easy to sing and easy to remember.  The songs unite worshipers in common prayer around the world.


For more information, contact Associate Pastor, Rev. Dr. Michael Waschevski.