Room in the Inn


Room in the Inn

About Room in the Inn

Room in the Inn (RITI) is a ministry of First Presbyterian Church, in partnership with other local faith communities and the Day Resource Center. RITI provides overnight shelter for homeless in downtown Fort Worth during the months of harshest Texas weather: July/August and December/January/February. Every Monday evening during these months, FPC provides 14 homeless guests with a space to relax, a family-style dinner, games/cards/books, hot shower, bed for undisturbed sleeping, hot breakfast, and a sandwich lunch to take with them. Above all, FPC RITI volunteers provide a warm welcome, friendly conversation, and service with dignity.

Watch & Learn about Room in the Inn at FPC:

Volunteer with RITI

Volunteers help with set-up beginning Mondays around 5-6 p.m. To volunteer, or learn more about serving with RITI at FPC, please contact the Rev. Robyn Michalove.


Two innkeepers serve as overnight hosts on Monday evenings and Tuesday mornings when RITI is operating. They welcome guests; visit, play games, and talk with guests; turn out the lights at bedtime; and rise early to make breakfast and coffee. Most of an innkeepers time is spent sleeping. The time is flexible to work with your schedule. This is a perfect outreach opportunity for couples, individuals, and parents with their high school youth.