Community Crossroads Renovation Update


Community Crossroads Renovation Update

Last summer the church began to examine the need to renovate, and possibly expand, our Community Crossroads ministry building.  Community Crossroads currently provides a venue for five ministries – First Hand food and clothing distribution, a dental clinic, formula and diapers (FAD), and Worship on Wednesdays (WOW).  In addition to setting funds aside in the 2018 budget, the church chartered two groups to look into possible changes to the building.

The Mission Outreach Committee established a sub-committee to assess and prioritize the current and future ministries housed at Community Crossroads (CC).  They considered values, community engagement, and theological goals of the various ministries.  This sub-committee considered the needs and views of the stake-holders -- church staff, volunteers, community members using the ministries, and other agencies who set up services at Community Crossroads. 

Through the Fall of 2017 this subcommittee used surveys developed by the Day Resource Center and personal interviews to examine what the stake-holders thought about current and future operations and how improvements could be made.  This examination focused on whether the current building was best designed to meet needs and whether additional space was needed.  The Mission Sub-committee provided their findings to a second group, the Community Crossroads Renovation Task Force (TF).

The TF consists of Martha Brooks, Jaimie Downing, Bill Gordon, Ann Hyun, John Melcher, Ralph Reece, John Stevenson, and Mike Turner and has staff support from Karl, Robyn, and Dori Davis.  It began meeting during the summer of 2017 to consider changes to the building.  This included not only additional floor space, but changes to the current building to provide better use of existing space. 

Using input on requirements from the Mission Sub-committee, an initial plan has been developed.  We have hired a designer who has provided drawings to meet our requirements.  We have begun work with an architect, and made initial contact with a general contractor.   While plans are not final, we have settled on a number of changes.

We plan to make an addition of approximately 2900 square feet on the west (parking lot) side of the current building.  This will provide a small gathering area and five new classrooms to be used during WOW or to support additional ministries as developed. 

The current assembly area used for WOW and as a waiting area for different ministries will be enlarged by removing the wall on the north side of the room.  This will provide more seating and allow better use of the space.  The long ramp leading into the room from the west will be removed and the main entrance will be on the east (Hemphill) side of the building.  The current stage the band uses on Wednesday will be relocated.  An “accordion” wall may be used to sub-divide the room as needed. 

The renovation will also add several doors into the food storage/ preparation area, reduce storage for the clothing ministry, increase storage for formula and diapers, and add an office for the CC coordinator.  The dental area will remain virtually the same, though they will have a dedicated office space for record keeping.  We are still exploring possible changes to the kitchen to better allow preparation of meals, but don’t envision additional space requirements.

What’s the payoff?  Much more room for WOW worship, additional classrooms and restrooms, additional room for new ministries, better “flow” through the building, and more efficient use of existing space. 

More news will follow in the months ahead as our plan moves forward.