Sanctuary Renovation Project


Sanctuary Renovation Project

Updates from the Sanctuary Improvement Committee

We have been worshipping in the sanctuary again since November, but our project isn’t quite complete. Below is some information about what is yet to come.

The contractor and their subcontractors continue to make their way through the “punch list” – the list of things that aren’t quite right. For example, the company that refurbished and refinished the pews is expected to be out this week to touch up and correct a list of items that the contractor has provided. Several other touch up items have been completed, and there are a few more to go.

There are also some items that haven’t been delivered or installed yet. Just when we got used to sitting a couple of inches lower in the pews, the pew cushions have arrived. I know we will all be glad to be sitting tall and comfy once again! We also have some doors that haven’t been installed yet, including a vented door for the audio closet in the sacristy. The roof tiles have not been totally reinstalled yet. The work will be ongoing, but it will be February before some of the specialty pieces arrive. 

We still have some adjustments to make with the various systems. The sound system will be fully tuned now that the pew cushions have arrived. The professionals will continue to tweak the microphone and speaker levels until we are satisfied. We are also checking into other microphone options to make sure we have the ones that work best for our clergy. Training for the liturgists and clergy is planned, so everyone will know the proper protocol for using the microphones. 

As we have used the space for a bit, we have seen the need for a few minor adjustments. The most notable is the addition of handrails at the lectern. We will also add a fan to the closet in the sacristy that houses the audio equipment.

Our entire team – architect, contractor, committee and staff – is committed to making sure all of the loose ends are tied up and the project finalized to our satisfaction. I believe I can speak for the entire committee when I say it has been an honor to work on this project. We are proud of our work and thankful for the church leadership and professionals who continue to work alongside us.

Michelle Goodwin