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From Michael Waschevski | October 9, 2019

Posted by Michael Waschevski on

Dear friends,


During this month we take an opportunity to intentionally reflect on God’s generosity in our lives and our prayerful response. The month culminates when we offer our pledges and commitments to God in worship on October 27.  It is a holy moment in our lives as disciples of Jesus Christ.


The Stewardship theme, Cultivating Roots, Bearing Endless Fruit, is based on Jeremiah 17.8: 

               "They shall be like a tree planted by water, sending out its roots…and it does not cease to bear fruit."


Josh began our preaching emphasis on this theme Sunday, and Robyn and I will reflect further on it over the next weeks.  In worship, and contained in the pages of the Stewardship Booklet you received, our reflections will inspire us to deepen our roots in God’s love and mission in the world as we celebrate the fruits that spring forth from our collective ministry as First Presbyterian Church.


Session, the Stewardship Committee, and the Clergy were asked to prayerfully reflect on our commitment for 2020, and I am so pleased to share that with nearly 100% of their pledges already made, they have increased their giving by 7.6%.  Roots are deepening, and God’s mission in the world bears abundant fruit.


If you would like to visit with any of your pastors about the discipline of generosity and your life of faithful discipleship, know that we are here to journey with you.


God’s peace to you,