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From Michael Waschevski | April 5, 2017

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Dear friends, 

This Sunday we begin the Holy Week journey with Jesus.  Holy Week is like no other week.  Holy Week is filled with big dramatic events involving the most well-known people in the gospel story.  Crowds shouting  “Hosanna!”  An upstairs room gathered with the Twelve.  Prayers of agony and obedience in the Garden.  The arrest and trial – all while those closest to Jesus leave him, one by one. And on the cross – alone, feeling forsaken even by God. This a week of dramatic events.

Holy Week presents us with a series of choices as disciples of Jesus Christ.  Do we choose Jesus?  Do we choose to honor and acclaim the One humble and riding on a donkey?  Do we choose to live into the joy of knowing God’s sovereign purpose for us and for the world?  Will we follow him?

This Holy Week, make a conscious decision to follow Jesus though the journey of Holy Week.  Spend time each day reading the story of Jesus’ final week.  Worship as often as you are able at First Presbyterian – Palm Sunday services throughout the morning, Holy Monday – Holy Wednesday Midday Prayer Services at noon, Maundy Thursday noon and evening services, and Good Friday noon and evening services.  Choose to be engaged by the drama unfolding in the sacred story.  The power of God’s love unfolding this week through Jesus Christ is profound and transformative.   

This week is like no other.  Let us journey together.

God’s Peace to You.

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