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From Michael Waschevski | April 18, 2018

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Dear friends, 

Every month in worship we take a moment to give thanks to God for our community of faith by celebrating birthdays for that particular month.  People stand or raise their hand and we acknowledge the gift they are to this community of faith. I have come to love this practice.  It is a holy moment for me as we celebrate the way God weaves our journeys together in a celebration of life and discipleship as First Presbyterian Church.  

Part of what makes that moment so holy for me is the realization that our community of faith is constantly changing.   

Through God’s call, new members join the church. 

Through the Spirit’s urging people visit FPC for the first time.

Led by God to embark on new journeys, people respond to follow God faithfully to new communities. 

Held in God’s eternal love, people enter the Church Triumphant and surround us as the communion of saints. 

For all of these realities and more, I give thanks to God for weaving our lives together for a season, whether long or short. As we say in worship, “God is good. All the time. And all the time.  God is good.” That is true as God continues to shape and form this dynamic community of faith. Part of the changes in our community of faith include staff changes. In May we will give thanks for two Program Staff members who are responding to God’s call as their journeys lead them from First Presbyterian to new chapters in their lives. Martha Zaborowski is retiring as our Discipleship Coordinator May 17 and Teresa Tysinger’s last day is May 25 as she prepares to move to Tennessee to begin a new ministry within the United Methodist Church.  

We give thanks to God for Martha and Teresa, for their great gifts shared through their ministries, and for God’s faithfulness to this dynamic, changing, vibrant community of faith. And in just a few weeks we will celebrate May birthdays in worship. My heart and mind will be full of gratitude for all we celebrate, and for Martha and Teresa. God is good…

God’s peace to you.

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