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From Karl Travis | February 14, 2018

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Dear Friends,

I’m curious about soulmates. The term has tremendous cachet in pop culture.

The internet can help when searching for a soulmate. A Google query delivers counsel on how to tell if another person is your actual soulmate (are there soulmate impostors?), which makes me wonder how one could be unclear about a soulmate’s genuine status. After all, someone close enough to be a soulmate, well, you’d think that you would know. Being unclear that someone is your soulmate might itself be evidence that she is not, but then again the Psychic Network didn’t predict its own bankruptcy. These are tricky topics.

If the internet is to be trusted, soulmates are similar to twin flames and to kindred spirits. However, people who think about such ideas declare that soulmates, kindred spirits, and twin flames are actually distinct things. Who knew?

Today is Valentine’s Day. I predict a spike in references to the term soulmate.

It is also Ash Wednesday.

They make for the ultimate odd couple, Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday. What a passion killer, right? One says that love is possible. The other proclaims that death is inevitable.

Their unlikely pairing is what has me thinking about soulmates, however, because love and death forge a likelier combo than you might think.

It is news to no one that we are all of us going to die. The eye-opener is that the only power to survive death is love. And, as God is the source of love – 1 John says that “God IS love” – then might we announce to the internet that really, God is our soulmate? God envisioned our chromosomes spiraling even before our parents caught the other’s twinkling eye. God heard our cries as we moseyed from our mothers’ wombs. God smiled at our first smile and chuckled at our first step and peeked at our first kiss and wept at our first broken heart. God dreamt when we chose our vocations and consoled at our first big screw-up and leapt when we got back up again.

Who wants a better soulmate than that?

So, no matter your relationship status, this day is about you. God our soulmate has sprinkled love so liberally that life is rich and full, beautiful and true precisely because there are so many relationships within which to find it. And these relationships are not all of them romantic. (Indeed, we can have twin flames and kindred spirits. I know it. I read it on the internet.)

Looking for a soulmate? I have great news for you.
You already have one.

See you in worship.

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