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From Joshua Stewart | October 23, 2019

Posted by Joshua Stewart on

Dear friends,


I love this definition of generosity written by Grady Nutt:  “To take everything you know of yourself and give it to everything you know of God, with all your heart, with all your joy, just for the heaven of it!”  As we approach another Commitment Sunday, I hope you’ll keep this definition in the back of your mind.  Stewardship season is a wonderful time of year when we think together about the spiritual discipline of financial giving.  However, here at First Pres, we do not ask you to support a budget.  It’s not about the church’s need to receive, it’s all about each disciple’s need to give.


Someone once said there are three kinds of giving:  grudge giving, duty giving, and thanksgiving.  Grudge giving says, “I have to.”  Duty giving says, “I ought to.”  Thanksgiving says, “I want to.”  The first comes from constraint, the second from a sense of obligation, and the third from a full heart.  I wonder, what kind of giving will you choose? 


Instead of giving to support a budget, we hope and pray you will choose to give with a full and thankful heart.  We hope you will choose to give in gratitude to Jesus Christ and his work through our wonderful, welcoming, generous, and deeply-rooted church family.  We hope you will choose to give with all your heart, with all your joy, just for the heaven of it!


What a privilege, joy, and honor it is to be in Christ’s ministry with you.  Thank you for being the inspiring congregation that you are.  See you Sunday.


Keep on keeping on,