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About Trinity Habitat

        This year marks the 30th anniversary of Trinity Habitat for Humanity (Trinity Habitat). First Presbyterian Church (FPC) has been a partner with Trinity Habitat from the beginning. FPC built our 25th and 50th houses on our parking lot and we even built a few houses at Mayfest. In May, we will celebrated
the 90th house that we have partnered with Habitat to build.


Since Trinity Habitat’s inception in 1989, 1,891 families have been served – 697 homes built, 1,150 Preserve a Home projects and 44 Disaster Relief projects. It is important to remember Habitat Humanity is a Hand Up, not a Hand Out, is a foundation for a better life and is community driven. Last year Trinity Habitat homes paid a total of $720,000 to the City of Fort Worth in property taxes.


There are many steps and criteria that a prospective homeowner needs to meet and agree to become a Habitat homeowner. So how does someone become a homeowner of a Habitat home?


They must first prove a need for shelter. They might live in an overcrowded situation or live in a home with structural, electric and plumbing problems, no heat, etc. They cannot already own a home.


They must demonstrate an ability to pay for the house. Habitat sells the house to them at market rates with a 30 year no interest mortgage and Habitat holds the mortgage. The average house payment is $650. The prospective homeowner must demonstrate a stable and consistent employment history for the last 12 months as well as a stable and consistent residence for also the last 12 months. They must verify their ability to make the house payments, pay utility bills and budget for maintenance and repairs. Their credit history is also reviewed.


The prospective homeowner must also show a willingness to partner with Habitat. They must commit to work 250 hours of sweat equity working alongside volunteers, sponsors, staff and other homebuyers building other homes and their house and volunteering in their new community. They go to Homeowners College where they learn about credit, budgeting, conflict resolution, city codes, home repairs, insurance etc.


 If you want to learn more about Trinity Habitat, you can go to their website: https://trinityhabitat.org/ or you can attend a HabiTour at the Trinity Habitat offices where you can tour their model home.  

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Meet the Rutsinski Family


Gigi with her children: Denzel, KayLee, and Casey

“Thank you so much to the volunteers and sponsors helping build my home! God bless you!” - Gigi

“I survived the Rwandan genocide, escaped an abusive husband, and am now working hard, with Habitat’s help, to build a better life for my three kids. Being a single mom has been difficult. We currently live in a small apartment that is too expensive and makes it hard to afford other necessities.

I want my kids to grow up in a home that has plenty of space and a backyard for them to play. My kids have never been involved in extracurricular activities because I am always working and did not have the extra money. Now I will be able to save so they have this opportunity. Habitat is helping make all of this possible! I will finally be a homeowner. Thank you!”

Watch video of Gigi and her kids at https://trinityhabitat.org/Gigi.

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