Getting Around


Getting Around

The Penn Street campus of First Presbyterian Church is a large one and there are multiple entrances to choose from depending on your intended location. If you're planning to visit FPC for the first time, you may find the following tips for getting around helpful. 

Parking at FPC

I'm coming to worship.

  • For the 8 a.m. service, enter through the door marked "Chapel" at the north end of the campus (near the corner of Penn and Texas Streets).
  • For the 9 a.m. service, enter through the set of doors under the covered drive at the south end of the campus (left of the main Sanctuary).
  • For the 11 a.m. service, enter through the main Sanctuary doors at the center of the campus (the building with the tall steeple).

I need to drop my child off at the nursery, then proceed to worship or an Adult Church School Class.

Please enter through the doors marked "Parlor." Walk to the end of the hall, make a right at the bulletin board, then an immediate left. The nursery rooms, clearly marked, are located on the left side of the hallway. Posted maps at main intersections will then direct you toward worship spaces and classrooms.

I am visiting the Early Education Center.

If you are visiting the Early Education Center, open Monday-Friday, please:

  • Press the call box at the door marked "Parlor" (to the left of the Sanctuary and doors marked "Office").
  • Give your name and reason for visit to be buzzed in to the building (a safety measure to protect our children).
  • Once inside, take the first left.
  • The EEC main office will be on your left, just past the staircase.

Please Note: Due to regulations that apply to licensed child-care centers, firearms, hunting knives, and other weapons are prohibited on the premises of the child-care center (see Minimum Standards for Child-Care Centers, TX DFPS Licensing Division, section 746.3707).

I am meeting a staff person for a meeting during regular business hours.

If you are visiting a pastor, staff person, or someone else in the main office, please:

  • Enter through the doors marked "Offices" (just to the right of the Sanctuary).
  • For the safety of our school children and staff, please press the call box and give your name and reason for your visit to the receptionist.
  • Proceed up the staircase.
  • The main office and receptionist desk is located at the top of these stairs, and someone will be there to direct you if needed.


Ample parking is available at FPC. There is a lot directly across from the main buildings as well as one just north of Texas Street. Please note that parking is not allowed within 20 feet of crosswalks. We ask that you watch for posted signage and park clear of crosswalks so that pedestrians and those mobility impaired can cross safely.