Sanctuary Renovation Project


Sanctuary Renovation Project

The First Presbyterian Church Sanctuary is currently closed for exciting renovation! The 11 a.m. Sunday worship service is meeting in the Great Hall for the duration of the project. 

Renovation Project Plans

We expect the project to take no more than four months, meaning we will likely rededicate the space sometime in September. The renovation plans call for:

  • Updated public address system
  • New paint
  • Spacing the pews farther apart to allow for easier movement
  • Adding a lift into the chancel to welcome those with mobility challenges into worship leadership
  • Bringing the chancel and the Lord’s Table forward, and closer to worshipers 

Funding for the Project

The Session has provided funding for the project from resources generously provided in the past and side aside to fund projects like this one. There will be no solicitations. Our congregation is incredibly blessed!

Meet the Sanctuary Improvement Committee 

Michelle Goodwin, chairperson
Mike Henry
Ann McKinney
Donna Moore
Hugh Simpson
Tim Sphar
Karl Travis, staff resource