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From Robyn Michalove | August 16, 2017

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Media coverage in recent days about the events in Charlottesville have dominated the news headlines. Photos, tweets and sounds bites expose our deep-seated fears and insecurities in our nation and in our communities. Of course, prejudice and racism are not new to our country, but the current manifestation in rallies, protests, injustices and violence in our digital age is alarming. The cacophony of opinions that proliferate social media, news outlets and blogs only adds to our confusion and divisions. 

Where, then, do we, as people off faith, turn for insight, for direction, for wisdom, in these times? How do we have faithful conversations (and not rants!) about the complexity of racism in its historic, systemic and personal expressions? How can we model learning and listening as we seek to be faithful to God as Christ’s church? 

As was already previously scheduled, we will have a conversation about racism this Sunday, August 20, at 10:00 am in Room 235 for youth and adults during the church school hour as part of the summer Sunday school series. Additionally, we will offer a book study starting in September on issues of racism; details are forthcoming. 

As Brian McLaren encourages us: “All of us, especially people of faith, need to proclaim that white supremacy and white privilege and all other forms of racism and injustice must indeed be replaced with something better - the beloved community where all are welcome, all are safe, and all are free.” Together, let’s have conversations and perform actions that reflect God’s intention for creation. 

May it be so, friends.

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Dorothea Davis August 17, 2017 6:40am

Very thoughtful reflection. May it be so. Amen.