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From Karl Travis | June 21, 2017

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Today begins summer, at least officially, though it’s merely a technical note; with temperatures in the high 90s for some weeks now, it has felt like summer for a long time. 130 kids and over 50 adult helpers are downstairs in the Gym and Youth Room, enjoying Vacation Church School. Some of our Session’s Standing Committees are taking a month’s hiatus from meeting and working. Families are scattering to the winds for vacations and re-creation.

Summer presents both challenge and opportunity, and its uniqueness inspires a particular type of prayer. With that in mind, I thought I’d share some summertime prayers.

Holy God, we thank you for warmth; please forgive our feelings about heat.

Loving God, bless our travels with enjoyment matched by open minds, and lessons learned, and return us home with thankful hearts.

Eternal Parent, protect kids who swim on full stomachs, teenagers who sleep to noon, and children of all ages who think that suntan lotion is only for other people.

God of Wisdom, inspire all schoolchildren to remember at least some of what they learned last year.

Gracious God, as our families gather give us
the wisdom to speak when words are life-giving,
the restraint to be quiet when silence is life-giving, and
the discipline to leave the room when necessary.

Incarnate God, help us to see you in the mirror no matter how we look in our bathing suits.

God of All the Earth, we thank you for all green things, and we’d be ok if you could slow the growth of our grass and shrubs.

God of All People, what is for many a season for fun and recreation is for others a time of discomfort and danger. Be present with people living under bridges. Breathe freely with older people who have no air conditioning. Prod caregivers to collect children and pets from hot cars.

Generous God, keep us from envying people in cooler climes with the ritual repetition of a single word: February. 

I hope you have a wonderful summer. See you in church!

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