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From Karl Travis | July 12, 2017

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Among the many wonderful opportunities for growth and service available to First Pres members, I am particularly excited by our young Men’s Ministry. Kicked off with an off campus retreat in January, the monthly gatherings have gained traction and are quickly gaining an important spot in the lives of the congregation’s men.

We are discovering at First Pres what researchers are finding across our culture; men are lonely. Turns out, there are fewer and fewer venues in which men can simply share with one another the details and challenges of our lives. The workplace is competitive. Family life is demanding. Old friends live far away and it’s ever more difficult to find time and opportunity for deep sharing. Many men face something of a crisis of friendship. We want friends and friendships, but arranging them is difficult.

First Pres is uniquely and powerfully placed to help. That’s why – so far – roughly 70 men on average have arranged to meet on the third Thursday morning of each week, at 7 am, in the Great Hall, for breakfast, fellowship, and study. The program is directed and conversational, but relaxed enough to allow for each table group to share at whatever level, and to discuss whatever it would like to. The purposes of the gatherings are simply yet profound: to deepen faith and to deepen friendships between men.

These breakfast conversations are growing and men are always welcome to join in. Register here or call Patty at 817-335-1231 and let us know that you’re coming.

If you or a man you love is looking for opportunities which deepen faith and masculine friendships, First Pres has just what you’re looking for. I’ll see you there. 


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