Mo-Ranch Summer Camp


Mo-Ranch Summer Camp

FPC has a long history of children attending summer camps at Mo-Ranch in Hunt, TX. In fact, the church pays a portion of camp costs for our members who attend. Since the majority of FPC kids attend Session 6 (dates shown below), we drive the church bus to Mo-Ranch for drop-off. Parents are responsible for pick-up.

Mo-Ranch camps provide a traditional overnight camp experience within a Christian environment. Children learn about God's love for them through exploration of God's creation, Bible study, small groups, and a wide variety of activities sure to be remembered for a lifetime!

Dates: July 15 - 21 (Session 6)
Time: Overnight Camp
Ages: 8+ Years
Cost: See note below

Register for Mo-Ranch Summer Camp

Registration for camp and required paperwork is coordinated by Mo-Ranch. Parents must sign up through Mo-Ranch here.

Once you've signed up your child, please email Amy Parker so a check can be sent to Mo-Ranch for the church portion. Note: the church portion is based on the number of children attending; final determination will be made on May 1.