Journeys Quarterly


Journeys Quarterly

Journeys is a new quarterly publication offered by First Presbyterian Church’s Spiritual Formation Subcommittee as a tool to encourage spiritual growth and discipline. 

In each issue, you'll find:

  • Book recommendations on the theme
  • Suggestions for how to practice the theme
  • First Presbyterian Church opportunities related to the theme
  • Retreat suggestions
  • Where to go in the area for spiritual formation practices
  • A printable "gift" with a scripture verse or quote for you to cut out and use

If you have any questions about Journeys or have ideas for submissions, please contact Kristin Glass.

Journeys: Winter 2016-2017

The "Discipline of Celebration" - the practice of which is key to a full spiritual life - is the theme of this issue of Journeys. Read about why we celebrate, ways to practice the discipline, and discover places and events at which you can experience celebration.