FPC and Social Media


FPC and Social Media

Social media provides platforms for connection, information sharing, and more. First Presbyterian is excited for the ways social media allows us to connect our members, visitors, and the community with our ministry and outreach 7 days a week.

Here's where you can find us on social media:


Social Media 101: FAQs

What is the difference between each social media platform listed above? Good question! While the platforms share some similarities, they each have some distinct ways for connecting people.
FACEBOOK allows organizations and businesses to share photos, updates, news, events and more; Facebook can be used on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Those who are friends with you on Facebook or who follow an organization/business account can "like" a post and add comments to engage in conversation.
INSTAGRAM allows users to post photos and short videos from their life, products to buy, encouraging quotes, and more. Just like Facebook, those who follow Instagram accounts can "like" and comment on posts.
TWITTER is a platform through which users post updates, thoughts, opinions, etc. in 140-characters or less.
PINTEREST is a platform allowing users to "pin" anything found on the internet to virtual "bulletin boards" for easy reference. Users often pin things like recipes, crafts, products, travel information, etc. You can search others' pins and pin them to your own boards as well.
YOUTUBE is a platform on which videos are shared. Viewers can like, share, and comment on videos as well as "subscribe" to a users YouTube channel so as not to miss any videos posted by that user.

I already "like" the church's Facebook page, but I usually don't see the posts on my own news feed. What am I doing wrong? Nothing. Facebook uses complicated algorithms to decide for you what you see in your news feed. To ensure you see what FPC posts, you can turn on "notifications" for our page. When you're on our page, click the Following option below our cover photo at the top of the page and choose "On" under Notifications. With notifications turned on, you'll be notified whenever we post something new.

If I do not use social media or follow FPC's accounts, am I missing church information? We aim to make information available on many communication venues simultaneously, including both in print (worship bulletins, newsletter, postcards, etc.) and digitally (website, social media, announcement screens, email, etc.). While we use our social media accounts in supplemental ways, such as to share photos in real time of church events or pose discussion questions or offer encouragement, you will not miss important church news or information if you do not follow our accounts.

What is a hashtag? Within or at the end of a post on social media, a user might use the # symbol before a word or words. This creates a hashtag. A hashtag creates a grouping of posts on that topic. For instance, if you search or click on the hashtag #FPCYouth on Instagram, you'll be taken to a collection of all posts that use that hashtag. It's an easy way to link similar posts (like our current #ThankfulFPC emphasis), topics, etc.

How do I submit a photo or idea for posting on our church social media accounts? If you have a great photo from a church event or idea for ways to connect with other FPC members on our accounts, simply contact the Director of Communications, Teresa Tysinger.

Can my FPC class or small group have their own social media account? Sure! Some of our established groups like church school classes, Presbyterian Women, and Young Adults, have their own social media groups or pages. All such accounts must be set up by the Director of Communications, Teresa Tysinger, but do allow for members to be administrators, too. Contact her to get started.

Have other questions about social media and FPC? Don't hesitate to ask our Director of Communications, Teresa Tysinger or call her at 817-335-1231, ext. 225.