Adult Church School


Adult Church School

The Adult Christian Nurture Committee offers special options during the summer months on Sunday mornings, 10-10:50 a.m. The following classes aim to provide for significant faith formation, fellowship, and support in living as a disciple of Christ. Questions? Contact Rev. Dr. Michael Waschevski.


Faith & Film Series (June 3 - August 19)
Led by Dr. Steve Brotherton and Eric Varnon in Room 235

Book Study: The Spiritual Dimensions of the Enneagram (June 3 - July 15)
Led by Shirley Chambliss, Margaret Sudderth, and Carol Toombs in Room 236

General Assembly 2018 Topics (June 3 - June 24)
Led by the Rev. Karl Travis and the Rev. Dr. Michael Waschevski in Room 237

Bible Study: Genesis (July 1 - August 19)
Led by the Rev. Dr. Michael Waschevski in Room 237